Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness. How it works

Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness. How it works

Feb 22, 2024

Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness: How This Machine Uses Red Light Therapy and Vibration Therapy For Overall Fitness

The total body enhancement machine is an impressive piece of technology that has been gaining popularity in gyms and fitness centers around the country. But what is this machine, and how does it work to improve your fitness?

If your local Planet Fitness has one of these machines, you've probably seen members walk into what almost looks like a small red light therapy tanning booth. So what’s really going on here - is this thing a magic fix for all your health and fitness problems or what?

I did some investigating into this total body enhancement machine and here’s what I found out: What it is, what red light therapy is, how it works, benefits for your wellness and fitness goals, scientific studies on its effectiveness, membership options that include use, and ultimate conclusions to help you decide if it’s right for your fitness routine.

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness?

Total Body Enhancement is a machine used at Planet Fitness to improve health and fitness through red light therapy bulbs and vibration therapy plates.

This machine uses red light therapy to improve skin and accelerate overall health and wellness benefits while the vibration therapy helps relax muscles for improved muscle recovery and post workout exercise. All in just a 12 minute session!

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the science behind total body enhancement and how it can be used to improve your next trip to Planet Fitness.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Work Inside the Total Body Enhancement Machine?

The main component in the total body enhancement machine is red light therapy. So how exactly does this machine improve your health and can red light therapy really improve your skin?

What is Red Light Therapy?

To understand how total body enhancement works, let’s start with what red light therapy is. Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes low-level laser therapy to help skin cells absorb wavelengths of light and improve mitochondrial activity.

This red light therapy is what helps stimulate collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. This helps your skin look visibly younger.

Red light therapy bulbs can help decrease skin inflammation and increase new skin cell turnover to improve wound healing, like from acne, scars, psoriasis, and eczema.

Additionally, red light therapy can help treat joint and muscle pain. Red light therapy has been shown to effectively treat arthritis and muscle aches and pains because it stimulates blood flow and promotes better muscle recovery.

How Does Total Body Enhancement’s Red Light Therapy Lead To Improved Skin and Muscle Recovery?

The red light therapy bulbs in the machine use infrared light to penetrate skin deep down at a cellular level to stimulate collagen production, renew skin cells, and improve skin elasticity.

As we get older, our skin gets wrinkled. Wrinkles occur because of elastin protein fibers in the dermis that get weaker over time and can easily “snap” under small strains.

Red light therapy stimulates your body’s natural wound healing mechanisms. This helps rebuild and rejuvenate skin cells and damaged protein fibers “smooth out” your skin, reducing wrinkles and cellulite.

This red light therapy is super beneficial when combined with the vibration plate as well. The Total Body Enhancement machine combines red light therapy with vibration therapy that has numerous health benefits on your skin and throughout your entire body.

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What are the Benefits of Total Body Enhancement Vibration Therapy Plates?

The vibrant plates in the total body enhancement machine provide thermal variations that help stimulate various sensory therapists in the dermis layer of the skin. This helps increase blood circulation and stimulates collagen production along with cell repairs and regeneration throughout the body.

Regular vibrations from the vibration plates in Total Body Enhancement machines stimulate mechanoreceptors under your skin. This stimulation helps “massage” the fat cell layers, muscle mass, and ligaments underneath your skin.

The additional vibrations break down adhesions between the muscle and fascia layers that form worse as we get older to stimulate healing.

The combination of red light therapy and vibration tones muscle fibers so you can strengthen your muscles. When your body fat levels drop, your metabolism will boost and support weight loss efforts.

As red light therapy stimulates collagen production, vibration therapy helps with cellulite reduction by tightening and toning loose fat and skin. This gives your skin a tighter, glowing complexion.

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What Do Scientific Studies Say About Total Body Enhancement And Red Light Therapy? Is It Really Effective?

There is extensive scientific backing that supports red light therapy from Total Body Enhancement as effective.

Red light therapy is scientifically studied and proven to provide the following benefits:

Combats Signs of Aging

A study published in The Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology exposed collagen production to high-intensity red light therapy similar to what Total Body Enhancement shows clinically proven results for increasing collagen production. Participants saw a major boost to their collagen production—up to 400%—after 6 weeks of consistent use.

In another study, researchers discovered red light therapy effectively reduces face wrinkles. Wrinkles decreased by 35% overall under red light therapy.

Reduces Cellulite

In multiple controlled studies, participants lost an average of one inch from waist, thighs, and hips while maintaining their weight or even increasing their muscle mass.

Red light therapy stimulated collagen production and regeneration of elastin and skin cells that helped tighten and smooth skin. This helps make cellulite areas—stomach, love handles, etc.—appear tighter.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Multiple studies have illustrated red light therapy devices’ ability to help muscles recover in works by reducing muscle soreness in-between exercise.

Using a red light therapy device directly on sore muscles helps relieve muscle and nerve pain, stimulate blood flow, and modulate chronic inflammation. Red light therapy used immediately after workouts allows muscles to heal faster so you can get back in the gym the next day without soreness.

Anti-Aging Skin Perks

Red light therapy heals scars and skin damage because it helps normalize inflammation, enhances your body’s natural healing process for rejuvenation, and boosts healthy cell production for smoother, softer skin.

Multiple studies converged that red light therapy reliably reduces signs of aging on skin with regular use. Participants enjoyed decreases in facial lines and wrinkles and improvements in overall skin quality.

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How Often And Long Should You Use Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness? Can You Combine With Tanning Beds?

The key to success with total body enhancement sessions at Planet Fitness is consistency using the machine 2-3 times per week. Sessions should last around 12 minutes, allowing your body to receive the full impact of red light therapy.

Total Body Enhancement sessions usually last for 12 minutes, but some locations only run the machine for 8 minutes to allow more people to use it.

You want to receive the full range of benefits from your Total Body Enhancement session so try to reserve one that runs at least 12 minutes to get your money’s worth.

Do Not Use Total Body Enhancement As A Tanning Bed

While red light therapy beds are available, Total Body Enhancement booths are not intended to be used as a tanning bed. Tanning under this enhanced red light can be counterproductive and dangerous using the powerful wavelength bulbs. However, tanning is an aesthetic option outside of the Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness.

Wear The Provided Eye Protection

Make sure to use all safety equipment when getting into the Total Body Enhancement machine. This includes the eye protection because the red light therapy is intense enough to cause eye damage if stared at directly. Wear them the entire time you’re in the machine. The safety mechanisms are there for your long-term wellness!

Use Consistently

Daily use of red light therapy beds can improve collagen production and vitamin D absorption to increase endurance. Avoid overdoing your total body enhancement sessions and take them just two or three times per week. Too much red light can be counterproductive for your skin and body.

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What Does A Total Body Enhancement Session Feel Like? What Will I Experience?

Total Body Enhancement sessions use sensory vibrations and red light therapy to deliver results, but the experience itself is relaxing and therapeutic.

The red light therapy leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable.

Many users said their skin felt softer with reduced blemishes right after using Total Body Enhancement sessions. While scientific studies have proven effectiveness, all individuals feel relaxation and blood flow differently based on body composition and chemistry.

Red light therapy from Total Body Enhancement penetrates deep to help body cells rejuvenate through anti-inflammatory healing, cellular stimulation, ATP (body fuel) production and Collagen creation like stated above. All these benefits reduce muscle soreness from exercising, allow faster recovery, and combat signs of aging.

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The Total Body Enhancement Machine At Planet Fitness: Costs For Use And Black Card Membership Options

You must be a member of Planet Fitness gym at one of their locations nationwide and have their Black Card membership plan to take advantage of including the Total Body Enhancement machine in your workout routine.

Membership costs depend on your location and packages selected, but nationwide these options exist:

Standard Membership

You can join Planet Fitness Standard membership for $10 per month and then pay to use the Total Body Enhancement machine at $19 per session. Or you can pay $12 per month to use the Total Body Enhancement machine one time free per day.

Black Card Membership

With the Planet Fitness Black Card Membership for $23 per month, you get unlimited access to use the Total Body Enhancement machine anytime free as much as you want. Additionally, the Black Card Membership includes extra perks like unlimited guest privileges with free HydroMassage, massage chairs, and tanning.

If you workout at Planet Fitness frequently, Black Card level membership gives you the best deal to use all machines and benefits anytime without limitation.

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Scientific Studies On The Effectiveness Of Total Body Enhancement: Results Still Pending For More Research

Over 3 million people in over 1,500 Planet Fitness gyms nationwide use Total Body Enhancement machines already. Whille anecdotes and brief pilot studies have shown positive effects, more scientific support is needed through large-scale studies to verify results.

Existing studies have shown that different light frequencies impact cells in various ways. But more placebo-controlled trials are needed to substantiate impacts linked to red light therapy beds specifically.

Nonetheless, the many benefits of red light therapy are already well established. Red light therapy machines have a natural pain-relief effect that activates endorphins. The red light aids ATP energy production in cells. ATP is the fuel which gives your body natural energy.

Red light therapy allows more ATP to be released so you have the capacity for elevated endurance, regardless of your fitness level. Once released, ATP molecules help release nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to open wider, increasing blood flow.

Red light therapy can penetrate fat layers reach muscle soreness through tissue and nerves. This leads to reduced irritation and inflammation to speed recovery.

While more research is still needed, these benefits were enough for the multinational franchise to see value in the Total Body Enhancement machine.

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Final Verdict: Is Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness Worth It? Will It Really Work?

Without question, Total Body Enhancement has distinct benefits proven scientifically overtime, so there’s substantial evidence that it will work for you.

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine is not a scam and offers benefits under red light therapy you’ll only get access to with regular use.

There’s lots of scientific evidence to back up red light therapy bed benefits, so this is great reassurance that positive results lie ahead with the Total Body Enhancement machine.

However, it’s unrealistic to expect 24/7 results in just 12 minutes without effort. Like most things in life, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

Commit to 12-minute sessions from two to three times per week and stick with your workouts and balanced diet. From what we’ve seen, individuals who follow this straightforward regimen tend to see the best results.

The machine is backed by real science. With your fitness dedication and the extra help from red light therapy, there are real possibilities to improve skin health, receive pain relief from sore muscles and joints, burn calories, reduce cellulite, and build muscle mass.

Without full effort and dedication though, your results from Total Body Enhancement sessions will inevitably be less pronounced.

Ultimately, Total Body Enhancement machines are not a magic solution to accomplish your fitness goals and see lasting results. However, with consistent sessions, you will notice benefits that enhance your fitness journey.

So if your New Year's goal is to get in shape with help from this futuristic technology, join a Planet Fitness gym location near your with a Total Body Enhancement machine and start working!

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In Conclusion: What You Should Remember About Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

  • Red light therapy from Total Body Enhancement machine offers scientifically-proven benefits when used consistently, including:
  • Increased collagen production for anti-aging
  • Improved muscle recovery time
  • Enhanced recuperation through ATP energy to muscle tissue and joint collagen
  • Reduced cellulite visibility
  • Lower inflammation
  • Potential weight loss
  • Improved blood flow
  • Avoid overusing Total Body Enhancement sessions per week. Use no more than every other day for optimal results.
  • Make sure to use provided safety equipment, including FDA-approved eye protection goggles
  • Try to get a 12 minute session so you can experience the full benefits!
  • Take advantage of your Planet Fitness Black Card membership to use the Total Body Enhancement machine whenever you want at no added cost

So while the machine is not a quick-fix magic solution for fitness, it does provide real benefits with consistent use. Taking advantage of red light therapy in Planet Fitness through their Total Body Enhancement machine can be a great additional tool in your overall workout routine!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

How Should I Use The Total Body Enhancement Machine?

The total body enhancement machine, also known as the Beauty Angel, is available at Planet Fitness locations. It uses red light therapy bulbs and vibration plates to provide benefits such as collagen building, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation.

Customers should use this machine for 12-minute sessions when visiting Planet Fitness.

What Does The Total Body Enhancement Machine Do At Planet Fitness?

The total body enhancement machine at Planet Fitness uses red light therapy to expose your body to infrared light that penetrates deep within the skin.

This can lead to numerous potential benefits, including collagen building for anti-aging, improved muscle recovery, increased blood flow, reduction in cellulite, and more. This machine helps fitness enthusiasts achieve better results.

Does Total Body Enhancement Help Build Collagen?

Yes, the total body enhancement machine helps build collagen in the body through the use of red light therapy. Red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production, elastin fiber repairs, and cellular rejuvenation for smoother, firmer skin.

Can Total Body Enhancement Help Reduce Body Fat?

The total body enhancement machine can help reduce body fat from all areas of the body through the red light therapy bulbs and vibration plates.

The vibrations help stimulate metabolism to burn calories and break apart stubborn fat cells everywhere on your body as the red light therapy bulbs improve skin elasticity. Most people will see results after multiple, 12-minute sessions.

Is There A Total Body Enhancement Machine At Every Planet Fitness Location?

While most Planet Fitness gyms have a total body enhancement machine, some locations do not. You’ll want to check with your local Planet Fitness club to see if they have one available for use before going into your session.

A Black Card membership guarantees you access to this machine at no added cost.

How Does Red Light Therapy And Vibration From The Machine Work?

Red light therapy works by exposing your body to infrared light for cell rejuvenation, increased blood flow, collagen production, wrinkle reduction, and more.

The vibrant plates relax and soothe sore muscles while helping to stimulate a full-body burn to target stubborn fat cells.

Do You Need A Membership To Use Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you need a membership to Planet Fitness to use the total body enhancement machine. To use the machine anytime at no added cost, you’ll need a Black Card membership. Other memberships allow limited use or require an additional fee per session.

What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy In The Total Body Enhancement?

Red light therapy in the total body enhancement machine offers many benefits for planet fitness members including collagen production for youthful skin elasticity, increased blood flow and cellular energy for faster muscle recovery, potential weight loss and body fat reduction, and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How Does The Total Body Enhancement Machine Work?

The total body enhancement machine uses infrared light therapy with vibrations to improve skin, muscle recovery, and potentially help users lose weight and body fat. It works by having you stand inside the booth for roughly 12 minutes as the lights and vibrations relax your muscles to increase blood flow.

Will Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness Help Enhance My Fitness?

Yes! With regular use, total body enhancement can help enhance your overall fitness by speeding up muscle recovery, increasing blood flow, and burning calories to help you potentially lose weight and body fat regardless of your current fitness level.

Can Total Body Enhancement Improve My Fitness Journey?

The total body enhancement machine can help improve your fitness journey by reducing recovery time between workouts with red light therapy and vibration treatments.

This allows you to increase your number of workouts per week and improve muscle performance. In addition, enhanced blood flow increases energy delivery to muscles.

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A Personal Trainer's Perspective on Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

As a personal trainer focused on both fitness and wellness, I'm always looking for new ways to help my clients achieve their goals. Recently, I've been researching the total body enhancement machine available at Planet Fitness.

What Does The Total Body Enhancement Machine Do?

Planet Fitness claims its total body enhancement machine uses red light therapy to provide a range of benefits.

These include potential weight loss, body fat reduction, enhanced muscle recovery, increased blood flow, and collagen production. It aims to achieve this through infrared light that is meant to penetrate deep into the skin.

The machine also utilizes vibration plates to relax the body and increase energy expenditure.

According to research studies, red light therapy can effectively reduce body fat percentage and waist, thigh, and hip circumference.

How Can Total Body Enhancement Benefit Planet Fitness Members?

As a Planet Fitness Black Card member, you get unlimited use of the total body enhancement machine at no extra charge to help you achieve your fitness goals. For other members or non-members, a single session costs $19, or 12 sessions for $99.

The red light therapy used aims to penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production, cell energy, and blood flow. Along with the vibration plates triggering muscle enhancement, this combination may boost results for your workout routine regardless of your current fitness level.

Members often use the machine 2-3 times per week for 20-30 minutes to enhance cardiovascular health.

Is Total Body Enhancement An Effective Fitness Tool?

Red light therapy has been shown to relieve pain by increasing cell energy production in muscles, joints, and nerves. The combination in the total body enhancement machine aims to enhance fitness through muscle recovery, weight loss, and blood flow.

While more research is still needed, current evidence does support at least some of the advertised benefits. Personally, I've seen impressive results from clients who used total body enhancement correctly and consistently, making it well worth the investment.

The machine uses an FDA approved eye protection system that you are required to wear to avoid damage from direct light exposure. It also does not use UV light, so it will not tan or burn your skin like a tanning bed.

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