Lionel Messi Shows Off Shredded Ab Workout

Lionel Messi Shows Off Shredded Ab Workout

Jan 12, 2024

Lionel Messi poses topless for gym selfie with wife Antonela

Lionel Messi's Fitness Journey: Shredded Abs and Intense Workout Routine

Maintaining Peak Physical Condition at 35

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi recently posted a gym selfie showcasing his ripped abs, proving the 35-year-old is still in peak physical condition. The image provides a glimpse into the intense workout routine Messi follows to maintain strength, speed, and stamina on the pitch. Read on to learn about the diet, exercise, and lifestyle that enables Messi to perform at such a high level in his mid-30s.

Messi’s Exercise Regimen for Soccer: Agility, Endurance, and Power

To remain one of the best footballers in the world entering his late 30s, Lionel Messi commits to rigorous weight training, cardio, and conditioning. His precise workout routine changes seasonally based on whether competition is in session. But it always focuses on elevating key athletic attributes:

Agility and Speed

Messi performs footwork ladder drills, sets up small hurdles, and runs linear speed drills on the pitch. His workout also emphasizes agility with exercises like:

  • Cone jukes - sudden stops, starts, and cuts between cones
  • Split squats - develop strength balanced leg strength for maneuverability
  • Plyometrics - various explosive jump training techniques
  • Hamstring stretches - enhance flexibility to maximize range of motion

Cardiovascular Endurance

To be effective for a full 90 minutes, Messi commits to cardio training tailored to match the running demands during a game. His routine includes:

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Distance running
  • Cycling
  • Rowing machine

Muscle and Core Strength

To fend off defenders and finish shots on goal requires functional muscle strength. Messi focuses his resistance training on exercises like:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Bench press
  • Push ups
  • Pull ups
  • Sit ups

He also holds an abdominal plank for several minutes at a time to fortify core stability muscles.

Lionel Messi abs

Recovery and Injury Prevention

To bounce back from demanding games and training, Messi prioritizes rest and full-body stretching. He focuses on lower body stretches to keep his most injury-prone areas flexible.

Messi’s intense preparation enables him to regularly unleash his lightning-quick acceleration and foot skills against defenders often 10 years his junior.

Messi’s Diet: Fueling His Body For Peak Performance

Lionel Messi understands nutrition’s vital role in giving him energy to perform at a high level in his mid-30s. He follows a high protein diet with carbohydrates timed around workouts to promote muscle recovery. Foods Messi relies upon include:

Lean Protein

Including salmon, grilled chicken, and lean beef provides the amino acids to build and repair muscle tissue. Protein shakes made with protein powder, fruit, and milk give an immediate muscle recovery boost post-workout.

Fruits and Vegetables

Antioxidant-rich fresh produce like berries, leafy greens, and tomatoes fight cellular damage from exercise and help crucial micronutrients like vitamin C contribute to growth and repair.

Whole Grains

Sources like brown rice, buckwheat, oats, quinoa offer steady energy from complex carbohydrates. They provide an alternative to sugary refined carbs that cause blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Healthy Fats

Olive oil and avocados supply energy-enhancing fats that improve vitamin absorption. Italian nutritionist, Giuliano Poser, who helps guide Messi’s diet says the footballer eats avocado daily.


Messi drinks lots of water before, during, and after activity. Proper hydration allows nutrients to reach muscles, regulates body temperature, prevents cramps, and sustains energy.

Though his workout and dietary discipline is unwavering, Messi’s approach isn’t overly rigid or joyless. He simply recognizes his physical health enables career passion.

What makes Lionel Messi the 'GOAT'?

Messi’s Motivation to Stay Fit Entering His Late 30’s

At 35 years old when most footballers retire, Lionel Messi remains driven by his love for soccer and chance to compete alongside former Barcelona teammates following his 2021 transfer to Paris.

The Lure of Playing with Neymar and Other Friends Again

Messi looks forward to reuniting with Brazilian striker Neymar as Paris Saint-Germain teammates. Their chemistry and friendship from 4 seasons together at Barcelona will strengthen PSG’s potency upfront.

He also shares close ties with Angel Di Maria who overlapped Messi by one season at Barcelona from 2008-09 before transferring to Real Madrid the next year. Their established rapport can translate seamlessly to the field for PSG.

Unfinished Business on His Last World Stage

Next winter Messi suits up for Argentina vying to capture the lone major championship missing from his illustrious career - the World Cup. After painful near World Cup misses in 2014 & 2018, the 2022 Qatar games offer one final shot at the trophy that’s eluded him.

At 35, Messi understands 2022 likely represents his last appearance on soccer’s global stage. He aims to end his international career lifting the prestigious World Cup as Argentina’s captain.

Enjoying His New Challenge in France’s Ligue 1

After spending his entire professional career in Spain’s La Liga with Barcelona, Messi looks forwards to a change of scenery competing for France’s Paris Saint-Germain.

Though the style of play and culture differs from Barcelona, Messi embraces testing himself in new surroundings against distinctive opponents.

Lionel Messi abs

Keys to Messi’s Longevity

While many footballers fade in their early 30s, Lionel Messi continues excelling through his mid-30s without missing games to injury. Here are factors enabling his extended prime:

Lifelong Foundation of Proper Training

Unlike players who suddenly increase conditioning once older, Messi built his work ethic through Barcelona’s youth academy. He understands tennis champion Andre Agassi’s belief: “If I fail to train one day, I notice. Two days, my coach notices. Three days, my teammates notice. Four days, my opponents notice.”

Messi internalized early on that shortcuts eventually catch up with you. He evolves his regimen as needed, but never abandons his diligent approach.

Saying “No” to Junk Food and Fizzy Drinks

Messi credits his longevity partly to avoiding fast food and soda pop through his teen years when metabolism runs high. He recognizes modern players too often ignore nutrition by filling their growing bodies with empty calories.

Prioritizing Injury Prevention

Messi learned hard lessons after hamstring strains hampered his effectiveness early in his career. Now he constantly stretches, receives massage therapy, undergoes cryotherapy and gives muscles ample recovery time. Staying healthy matters more than pushing excessively hard in training.

Renewed Motivation with Fresh Challenges

After two decades playing for only Barcelona, Messi grew complacent in familiar surroundings. His move to Paris Saint-Germain provided reinvigorating new objectives to pursue late in his playing days. T

he excitement of new challenges keeps him motivated and in peak condition.

Lionel Messi abs shows off

How Does Lionel Messi Maintain His Physical Condition?

Lionel Messi, the Argentinian athlete, showcases his fitness with shredded abs in gym selfies. Although he isn't always the most ripped, Messi ensures his training regimen keeps him in optimal shape, especially as he prepares for challenging seasons like the 2022 MLS.

What Is Lionel Messi's Approach to Diet?

Messi's diet plan, supported by his wife Antonela, focuses on fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and healthier alternatives to fast food. This balanced nutritional approach helps him maintain energy and stamina, essential for his demanding role in soccer.

Can You Describe Messi's Workout Routine?

Messi's workout routine is designed to keep his body in top shape for the midfielder position. It likely includes a thorough warm-up, exercises to strengthen leg muscles, maintain core strength, and a focus on hydration with plenty of water.

What Is the Significance of Lionel Messi's Move to Inter Miami?

David Beckham's club, Inter Miami, signed Messi to play in the 2022 MLS season. This move is significant as it brings together Messi and former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez, aiming to lead the club to MLS Cup glory.

Lionel Messi joins Inter Miami: David Beckham's warm welcome

How Has Messi's Transition from Barcelona to MLS Been Received?

Messi's departure from Barcelona, where he became a club legend, to join the MLS was a major shift in his career. While some Barcelona fans hoped for his return, Messi is fully committed to making an impact in the American league with Inter Miami.

What Is David Beckham's Role in Messi's Career at Inter Miami?

David Beckham, part owner of Inter Miami, played a crucial role in recruiting Messi to the MLS. His vision includes transforming the club into a globally recognized brand, with Messi's signing being a strategic move following the recruitment of stars like Blaise Matuidi.

How Does Messi Balance His Diet with Occasional Indulgences?

Messi's diet is centered on essential nutrition from ingredients like flour, fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein shakes, while also staying hydrated. He occasionally indulges in Argentinian dishes but maintains a focus on healthier eating.

What Is the Focus of Messi's Diet?

Messi's diet minimizes sugar and refined foods, focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods for sustained energy. He also practices portion control, stopping when he feels about 80% full.

What Does Messi's Training Routine Likely Include?

Messi's training routine likely encompasses cardio, agility drills, leg strengthening, core exercises, and soccer skill training. Recovery and injury prevention are also key components of his regimen.

Why Has Messi Joined the MLS for the 2022 Season?

Messi joined the MLS in 2022 to boost the league's interest and talent level. He reunites with former teammates at Inter Miami, aiming to make a significant impact in the league.

How Does Messi Ensure Optimal Performance on the Field?

Messi's training and diet are structured to help him perform optimally as a midfielder. This involves a mix of endurance, agility, leg power, footwork skills, and tactical training.

How Does Messi Incorporate Traditional Argentinian Cuisine into His Diet?

While traditional Argentinian cuisine often uses white flour, Messi limits its intake to reduce empty carbohydrates. He focuses on whole, nutrient-dense foods in his diet.

What's the Role of Sports Nutritionists in Messi's Diet?

Sports nutritionists likely developed a customized meal plan for Messi, ensuring he gets the necessary macros, minerals, and vitamins to support his active lifestyle and performance levels.

How Does Messi's Lifestyle Contribute to His Longevity in Soccer?

Messi's healthier lifestyle, comprising smart nutrition, consistent training, and active recovery, is key to his longevity in soccer. This regimen enables peak performance and faster recovery from the sport's physical demands.

Why Does Messi Minimize Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates in His Diet?

Messi minimizes sugar and refined carbohydrates to avoid empty calories and energy crashes. His diet emphasizes whole food sources like vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.

Is Yerba Mate Tea Part of Messi's Routine?

Yerba mate tea, a cultural staple for Argentinians, is likely part of Messi's routine. It provides caffeine for alertness and antioxidants, fitting into his traditions and dietary preferences.

What Is Messi's Goal with Inter Miami in 2022?

Messi's goal with Inter Miami in 2022 is to ignite interest in MLS soccer. After leaving Barcelona in 2021, he joins a star-studded lineup at Inter Miami, aiming to make a significant impact in the league.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi: A Formidable Duo in Fitness

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two titans of the football world, have always been known for their exceptional skills on the field.

However, what often goes unnoticed is their dedication to maintaining peak physical condition. Ronaldo, known for his strict regimen, has played a pivotal role in inspiring Messi in his fitness journey.

The shared advice and guidance between these two have led to a strong friendship that transcends their on-field rivalry.

Cristiano Ronaldo hails Lionel Messi

Messi's Shredded Abs: A Testament to Dedication in the Gym

Lionel Messi, often hailed as the 'Argentinian Messi' for his unparalleled skills, recently took to social media to show off his shredded abs in a gym selfie.

This display is not just a boast of physical appearance but a testament to the hard work and discipline Messi puts into his fitness routine. From rigorous sit-ups to a diet rich in nuts and seeds, Messi's commitment to his body is evident.

His transformation from a talented 19-year-old to a seasoned athlete at 27 is nothing short of remarkable.

The Argentine Edge: Messi's Diet and Love for Traditional Dishes

In shaping his overall fitness, Messi has always been mindful of what he puts into his body. His diet is a unique blend of professional athlete requirements and a nod to his South American roots.

Messi indulges in Argentine dishes like Milanesa, but balances it with a diet that provides enough energy for his demanding schedule.

He drinks plenty of water, incorporates three protein shakes a day, and, while he has occasionally indulged in fast food in his younger years, he now steers clear of certain foods that could contaminate his rigorous diet plan.

Aging Like Fine Wine: Messi's Transformation from 19 to 27

Looking back at Messi's career, it's evident that the work he put in at 27 vastly differs from his routine at 18 or 19 years of age.

Back then, his natural talent was often enough to see him through games. However, as he grew older, Messi understood the importance of maintaining his overall fitness to continue performing at a high level.

This realization led him to adopt a more disciplined lifestyle, focusing on specific exercises and dietary changes that catered to his evolving body.

The Strong Friendship of Ronaldo and Messi: Beyond the Field

The relationship between Ronaldo and Messi is a fascinating aspect of their careers. Initially seen as fierce competitors, the two have developed a strong friendship over the years. Ronaldo's influence on Messi, particularly in areas of fitness and diet, is well documented.

They often advise each other on various aspects of staying in top physical shape, showing that their rivalry is limited to the football pitch.

This camaraderie is a prime example of how two of the greatest players of their generation have pushed each other to become even better.

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