12 Clever Ways to Hide a Treadmill In A Room

12 Clever Ways to Hide a Treadmill In A Room

Feb 21, 2024

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12 Clever Ways to Hide A Treadmill In A Room

Having a treadmill can be extremely convenient if you want to workout at home. However, treadmills tend to be bulky pieces of equipment that can make a room look cluttered.

If you want to keep your living room or workout room looking nice, you may be wondering how to hide a treadmill when it's not in use.

Luckily, there are clever and affordable ways to conceal your treadmill!

1. Use Room Dividers or Folding Screens

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One of the easiest ways to hide your treadmill is to place a room divider or folding screen in front of it. Choose one that is tall and wide enough to fully conceal the treadmill when folded up. This helps hide the equipment while still keeping it easily accessible.

Room dividers come in various materials like wood, fabric, or shoji screens. Opt for something lightweight yet sturdy. Match the room divider style to your existing living room decor so it blends seamlessly when the treadmill is hidden away.

When you want to use your treadmill, simply fold back the screen to reveal it. This creates a dedicated space for your exercise equipment without it being an eyesore.

2. Strategically Place Your Treadmill Against a Wall

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Look for a spot in your living room, home gym, or workout room where you can place the treadmill flush against the wall. Make sure to leave clearance space in front so it can still fold down.

Positioning the treadmill against the wall hides more than half of it from view already. You can then use a console table, floating shelves, plants, artwork, or other decor items in front to further conceal it.

This makes the treadmill blend into the background instead of being a focal point when not in use. It becomes part of the living room without overwhelming the rest of the space.

3. Use Curtains to Hide Your Treadmill

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One budget-friendly option is using curtains to camouflage your treadmill. Measure the length and width of space needed to conceal your machine. Then install a curtain rod and hang solid colored curtains that complement your living room style.

Close the curtains whenever your treadmill is folded upright to keep it out of sight. The curtains add softness to the room while hiding the bulkiness of exercise equipment.

For extra concealment, install the curtains on a semi-circular or wraparound rod that fully encloses the treadmill area. Automated curtains also provide convenient control.

4. Opt for a Folding Treadmill

Folding Treadmill

If you don't already have one, consider investing in a high-quality folding treadmill. These machines fold upright into a much smaller footprint to conveniently move out of the way.

Many even have hydraulic lifts that gently lower and raise the deck automatically with the touch of a button. This makes it simple to conceal the equipment then pull it back out when needed.

Folding treadmills take up minimal floor space so they’re easier to incorporate into rooms. Look for one with a slim profile that tucks nicely beside a wall or into a corner when not in use.

5. Create a Multi-Purpose Treadmill Cover

treadmill cover

For the ultimate concealment and customization, have a treadmill cover custom-made. Provide the dimensions to seamstresses or upholsterers and select your preferred materials like wood, fabric, vinyl, or even wallpaper.

The cover transforms into a chic surface when draped over the treadmill. It can double as a console table for decorative items or a comfortable ottoman seat. Some covers have pockets or shelves for storing small workout accessories too.

When closed, the cover keeps dust off the machine. Open it up quickly whenever you’re ready for your next running session. This creative option hides your exercise equipment in style.

6. Cleverly Conceal with Consoles and Shelving

treadmill shelves

Consoles, floating shelves, and slim organizers are clever ways to hide your treadmill while adding functional storage space to your living room.

Place these pieces in front of your treadmill, ensuring they are high and long enough to conceal it. Style them attractively with baskets, artwork, greenery and other decor.

When you want to workout, access your machine simply by sliding decor aside temporarily.

This maintains a tidy, clutter-free room that looks pulled together even with a treadmill inside.

7. Utilize Multifunctional Room Dividers

Multi-Functional Room Dividers

Transform any wall into a chic room divider by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving on casters. Load the shelves attractively with books, collectibles and accent lighting to define separate spaces.

Park this divider in front of your treadmill when not in use. It takes up minimal floor space while concealing your equipment behind a beautiful, organizational feature.

Wheels let you slide the divider away with ease whenever you’re ready to hop on the treadmill and break a sweat.

This room divider pulls double duty, adding style and practicality.

8. Build a Custom Treadmill Cabinet

The Treadmill Armoire Cabinet

For the ultimate integrated look, have a custom cabinet built around your treadmill. Construct it using materials that match your living room furniture and decor style.

Install fold-down doors that keep the entire piece hidden away when closed. Open the cabinet to access your machine then fold the doors neatly off to the sides.

Inside, build in features like fans, device chargers, cup holders and storage cubbies to keep essentials handy. With this built-in look, your treadmill disappears seamlessly into the room.

9. Let Window Treatments Do Double Duty

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Strategically place your treadmill in front of a window then utilize window treatments to conceal it.

For example, install a set of tab curtains that cover the entire wall from ceiling to floor. Close them to hide treadmill then draw them back open when not in use.

Floor-length Roman shades offer similar versatility for concealing then neatly tucking the shade up and out of your way. Motorized options add extra convenience. This trick transforms window treatments into chic treadmill covers.

10. Make Use of Multifunctional Furniture

Multi-Purpose Guest Room

Today's multifunctional furniture makes it easy to conceal a treadmill. Look for pieces like storage ottomans that lift open to hold blankets or a Murphy bed that folds down at night.

Position one in front of your treadmill as stylish camouflage.

When you want to workout, simply move the furniture out of your way then tuck it neatly back into place after.

Options like ottomans even provide extra seating and storage space for a 2-in-1 solution.

10. Consider Temporary Room Dividers

Rolling Room Divider on Wheels

If you only use your treadmill occasionally, set up a temporary room divider instead of a permanent solution.

For example, move a garment rack or tall bookcase in front of your equipment when needed.

Floor lamps, tall plants on wheels or freestanding screens also create adaptable barriers. Place the divider where it best hides the treadmill then easily move it aside to work out.

This convenient trick keeps your room flexible.

11. Let Treadmill Accessories Pull Double Duty

treadmill accessories

Your treadmill likely came with an assembly of handy accessories. Instead of hiding these extras away in a closet, put them work to help conceal your equipment.

For instance, mount your treadmill's tablet holder to the wall as a floating shelf. Use it to hold decorative objects like plants, books or artwork when the treadmill is idle. Move items aside and pop your tablet in place when exercising.

Similarly, install treadmill fans higher up on the wall to aim airflow downwards. The fan covers help disguise the equipment then move out of your way when needed.

Display personal frames, prints or floating shelves on the wall above the treadmill for further disguise.

12. Strategically Place Area Rugs

area rug in living room ripl fitness

Use area rugs to make your treadmill space feel more integrated. Select one wide and long enough to place under the machine and extend outwards a few feet. This defines a functional zone that incorporates your exercise equipment rather than separating it.

Choose carpet or rugs with patterns, colors and textures that coordinate with your living room decor. Place floor lamps, accent seating and other decor items around the edges to enhance the effect. It creates a cohesive room that disguises the technical nature of a bulky treadmill.

Summary - Creative Ways to Hide Your Treadmill

Having a treadmill at home is wonderful for fitness but can clutter a room. Luckily there are many creative ways to hide your treadmill when not in use:

  • Use room dividers, folding screens or curtains in complementary colors
  • Place against a wall then decorate creatively in front
  • Buy a folding treadmill that tucks away neatly
  • Customize a treadmill cover for disguise and dust protection
  • Conceal cleverly with consoles, floating shelves and organizers
  • Utilize multifunctional dividers and window treatments
  • Build a hidden treadmill area into cabinetry
  • Opt for multifunctional ottomans and movable furniture
  • Display treadmill accessories like shelves and fans for camouflage
  • Define a functional zone with area rugs around machine

With some simple tricks, you can easily hide your treadmill and maintain a beautifully decorated living space.

The machine can disappear out of sight but be easily accessible the minute you're ready to work up a sweat!

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FAQs: Cleverly Hiding Your Treadmill

Hiding a treadmill can seem tricky, but have no fear! This FAQ will answer some of the most common questions around concealing your home exercise equipment.

How can I incorporate a treadmill into my small living room?

Consider a folding treadmill that can be easily stowed beside a wall or in a corner when not in use. This saves floor space while keeping it accessible. Curtains, screens or sliding room dividers also hide treadmills well in tight quarters.

What's the best place to put a treadmill at home?

The ideal spot is one where you can position the treadmill flush against a wall to take up minimal floor space when idle. Place it somewhere that allows clearance in front to fully fold down the machine. An out-of-the way corner or beside sliding screen dividers works nicely.

What’s a great way to hide my treadmill in the living room?

Room dividers do wonders for concealing treadmills in style. Opt for folding screens, curtains, or multifunctional storage pieces on casters. When parked in front, these hide your machine completely yet roll aside easily for workouts.

How do I hide a treadmill in my workout room?

Dedicate one wall or corner to be your treadmill zone then decorate creatively around it. Floating wall shelves, large green plants, artwork and accent lighting help the equipment visually blend into the background. An area rug defining the space pulls it all together.

How can I hide my treadmill when it’s not in use?

When idle fold your machine up vertically to minimize the footprint. Place custom covers, sliding panels or wheeled furniture pieces in front that conceal without blocking airflow around the treadmill. Lift or roll items away when ready to exercise.

What’s the best custom treadmill cover option?

For full disguise custom covers made of wood, fabrics or wallpaper integrate beautifully into living spaces. Opt for covers with built-in pockets or shelves to also hold workout essentials conveniently within arm's reach.

Any tips for seamlessly hiding a treadmill in my living room?

Use existing furnishings like floating shelves, console tables or storage ottomans to do double duty hiding your treadmill. Style attractively as functional decor then simply slide away temporarily when accessing your machine.

What’s a simple way to learn how to hide a treadmill?

An easy DIY solution is mounting floor-to-ceiling curtain rods around your machine then hanging solid or blackout curtains that cover the equipment completely when closed. Open curtains quickly when ready for workouts.

How can I hide part of my living room as a home gym?

Define workout spaces discreetly using room dividers like adjustable bookshelves, folding privacy screens or even tall plants on casters. These create barriers that hide treadmills completely yet are portable for accessibility.

Hopefully these tips give you plenty of ideas on how to cleverly hide your treadmill!

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Personal Trainer Tips: Seamlessly Hiding Your Treadmill

As a personal trainer, I know firsthand the concerns around bringing a treadmill into your living space. But don't worry - with some creative solutions, you can disguise your exercise equipment beautifully! Here are my best tips:

Incorporating a Treadmill in Your Small Living Room

For tight spaces, look into folding treadmill models that lift upright when idle. These take up minimal room yet pull down easily for workouts. Curtain partitions or adjustable room dividers placed strategically in your living room also help hide treadmills away.

When not exercising, close curtains or screens to make the machine disappear from sight. Keeping it tucked against walls and out of main foot traffic paths helps the treadmill blend into your room better as well.

With some clever styling using furniture and decor items around it, no one will ever guess there’s exercise equipment in your space!

Perfectly Camouflaging a Treadmill in Any Living Room

Even in spacious living rooms, treadmills tend to look bulky and disrupt the ambiance. The trick is dedicating one full wall or corner to become your designated “gym zone.”

Angle machine belts discreetly toward corners rather than having handles and consoles face outward. Then build this area up with storage solutions like floating shelves, racks and console tables that attractively conceal shape.

I recommend topping with eye-catching greenery, artwork and accent lighting to divert attention from mechanical equipment. This makes your treadmill blend beautifully into the rest of the open concept room!

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Customizing Covers for Ultimate Treadmill Disguise

For the most seamless, built-in concealment, invest in a custom treadmill cover created just for your machine's dimensions. Use the cover when idle to completely camouflage equipment from any angle.

I suggest durable materials like upholstered wood or canvas with handy pockets built into the sides and top. These let you store small workout essentials within arm’s reach for convenience.

Lift the cover quickly whenever you’re ready to rev up your cardio. This tailored solution keeps your living room decor looking cohesive with no bulky equipment in sight!

Parting Tips on Hiding Exercise Gear

As you can see, hiding a treadmill is very doable with some clever tricks. The key is taking measurements then creatively utilizing surrounding wall space and furnishings rather than plopping equipment randomly.

This allows you to build an functional zone that keeps your machine easily accessible yet discreetly concealed out of sight when idle.