10 Best trx shoulder exercises | TRX Suspension Training

10 Best trx shoulder exercises | TRX Suspension Training

Feb 09, 2024

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10 Best TRX Shoulder Exercises | TRX Suspension Training

TRX suspension training is an extremely effective way to challenge your shoulders. The unstable straps force you to engage stabilizer muscles while leveraging bodyweight.

In this article, we'll cover proper form on the top 10 TRX exercises to add size and strength to your delts. Master these movements for defined shoulders!

1. TRX T Fly

  • Muscles: Deltoids, upper back
  • Core Movement: Open arms to the sides, parallel to the ground, focusing on shoulder blade retraction.

2. TRX Y Fly

  • Muscles: Deltoids, upper back
  • Core Movement: Lower torso backwards with arms in a Y position, then pull up through the shoulders.

3. TRX Lawnmower

  • Muscles: Deltoids, lats, core
  • Core Movement: Pull the handle towards your ribcage with elbows driving back, alternating the pulling arm.

4. TRX Front Raise

  • Muscles: Front and middle deltoids
  • Core Movement: Lift arms straight in front to shoulder height, then control back down.

5. TRX Single Arm Lateral Raise

  • Muscles: Middle deltoid
  • Core Movement: Raise one arm to the side to shoulder height, then lower in a controlled manner.

6. TRX Supermans

  • Muscles: Core & Shoulders
  • Core Movement: Stand holding straps then extend arms as you brace and slowly lower yourself forward. Return to starting position.

7. TRX Clock Pull

  • Muscles: Improves shoulder strength and stability
  • Core Movement: Arms move in a clock-like motion, engaging core and shoulders.

8. TRX Swimmers Pull

  • Muscles: Strengthens shoulders and stability
  • Core Movement: Mimic a swimmer's stroke, pulling arms down and back.

9. TRX Push-up Plus

  • Muscles: Shoulder strength and stability
  • Core Movement: Perform a push-up then protract the shoulder blades further at the top.

10. TRX Face Pulls

  • Muscles: Rear, middle, and front deltoids
  • Core Movement: Pull handles towards face, flaring elbows, and squeezing shoulder blades.

Sample TRX Shoulder Workout Routine

Here's a complete TRX workout that targets the shoulders. Do this routine 2-3 times per week for strong, stable shoulders. Increase reps or difficulty level over time.

Workout A

  • TRX T Fly - 10 reps
  • TRX Lawnmower (each side) - 8 reps
  • TRX Y Fly - 12 reps
  • TRX Alligators - 6 reps
  • Rest 60 seconds and repeat circuit 3 times

Workout B

  • TRX Swimmers - 12 reps
  • TRX Atomic Push-up - 10 reps
  • TRX Single-arm Low Row (each side) - 10 reps
  • TRX Bicep Curl (each side) - 8 reps
  • Rest 60 seconds and repeat circuit 3 times

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TRX Shoulder Exercise Technique Tips

Proper form is crucial with TRX training since the unstable nature makes it easier for weaknesses to be exposed. Follow these technique tips:

✅ Engage your core before initiating any movement. Brace like you're about to be punched.

✅ Depress and retract your shoulder blades. Avoid lifting or shrugging.

✅ Move deliberately through a full range of motion with control.

✅ Keep wrists straight and elbows soft but not locked.

✅ Maintain a straight line from earlobes through hips and ankles.

✅ Progress slowly from two feet to split stance to single-leg as stability increases.

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If you want to sculpt sexy shoulder caps, improve posture, prevent injury, or rehab an existing shoulder condition, a TRX suspension trainer is a versatile tool to add to your home gym.

Use the exercises in this guide to develop strong, stable shoulders.

What are your favorite TRX moves? Which shoulder exercises do you find most challenging?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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FAQ Section

What is TRX High and How Does It Benefit Your Upper Body Workout?

TRX High refers to exercises performed with the TRX straps adjusted to a high position, targeting the upper back muscles and shoulders for an effective upper body workout.

By facing away from the anchor point and extending your arms to perform movements such as TRX pull-ups, you engage your back muscles and shoulder muscles, enhancing shoulder stability and core stability.

Leaning back with feet hip-width apart and squeezing your shoulder blades together throughout the movement ensures a comprehensive upper-body workout.

How Do You Perform a TRX High Row?

To perform a TRX High Row, adjust the TRX straps to about mid-length and stand facing the anchor point with feet hip-width apart.

Hold the TRX handles with palms facing each other and lean back, creating tension in the straps. Pull your body up by squeezing your shoulder blades and drawing your elbows close to your body.

Slowly lower your body back to the starting position and repeat. This exercise targets your upper back muscles and improves shoulder stability.

What is a Deltoid Fly and How Does It Target the Shoulder Muscles?

A Deltoid Fly is an exercise that effectively targets the shoulder muscles, specifically the deltoids, for an effective shoulder workout.

To perform it, stand facing away from the anchor point, adjust the straps to mid-length, and hold the handles with palms facing down.

Extend your arms to the sides and slowly lower your body by bending your elbows slightly, then lift your body back up to the starting position.

Throughout the movement, focus on keeping your core engaged and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

How Can Shoulder Training Be Enhanced Using the TRX System?

Shoulder training with the TRX system enhances shoulder stability and core stability by utilizing bodyweight and gravity.

Exercises like the TRX High Row and Deltoid Fly are your best bet for an effective shoulder workout.

By facing the anchor point for rows and facing away for flies, and keeping your core engaged throughout the movement, you can ensure a comprehensive workout.

The versatility of the TRX system allows for a range of exercises that can be adjusted for difficulty by changing your body's position relative to the anchor point, making it suitable for all fitness levels and contributing to the benefits of your strength training routine.

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Personal Experience With TRX For MY Shoulders

My personal experience with TRX exercises for shoulder development has been transformative, not just for enhancing the teardrop-shaped muscles on my shoulders but also for improving overall upper body strength and stability.

Incorporating TRX into my routine introduced me to a dynamic way of engaging my shoulders, core, and back, all while maintaining a focus on form and function.

Starting with the plank position has been foundational. By placing my feet in the foot cradles and keeping my arms straight, I was able to establish a stable base to work from.

This body position not only engages the shoulders but also the core, creating a solid body in a straight line from head to toe. The emphasis on keeping your wrists straight reminded me of the advice "imagine you're trying to elbow someone in the ear," which helped me focus on engaging my shoulder muscles effectively.

Transitioning to exercises like the TRX row, I faced towards the anchor point, gripped the handles with my palms facing each other, and leaned back slightly.

This body position allowed me to pull my arms back towards my body, effectively targeting the upper back and shoulders. The key was to keep my body away from my body as I pulled the handles towards me, ensuring that my elbows were driving back rather than out, to maintain tension on the shoulder muscles.

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Another valuable exercise was the TRX reverse fly. Starting facing your anchor point with arms extended straight in front, I learned to lower my body backward while keeping my arms straight, then pull my arms back to a position at the top that really squeezed those shoulder blades together.

The motion was akin to keeping your body in a straight line as you move, which helped maintain the focus on the shoulders rather than letting the lower back take over.

The TRX has also been a great way to work on shoulder stability. By keeping your body straight and moving back with your feet still secured in the foot cradles, I could shift from a strong plank into movements that challenged my balance and stability, like the TRX pike.

This not only worked the teardrop-shaped muscles but also engaged the core and improved my balance.

Through these exercises, I discovered that pulling and rowing aren’t just about moving your arms; it's about creating a stable core from which your limbs can move more efficiently.

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This realization was pivotal in how I approached TRX workouts, focusing on form and the quality of movement rather than a drooping “u” shape that comes from poor posture and technique.

In conclusion, these four moves will help you develop strong, well-defined shoulders and significantly enhance your overall upper body strength.

The TRX system offers a unique challenge by using your body weight as resistance, allowing for a wide range of motion and focusing on stability and strength.

Each session ends with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I've worked towards a stronger, more capable body, all thanks to the versatility and challenge of TRX exercises.

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