11 Best Landmine Exercises For Back & Upper Body

11 Best Landmine Exercises For Back & Upper Body

Feb 03, 2024

Landmine Workout Back

11 Best Landmine Exercises For Back & Upper Body

Landmine exercises are a fantastic way to build strength and muscle in the upper body and back. Not only do they target these muscles effectively, but they also provide a unique range of motion that can help improve overall strength and stability.

Landmine exercises are a great way to build muscle and strength while adding variety to your workouts. With a barbell and a landmine attachment, you can perform different landmine exercises that target specific muscle groups - especially the back and upper body.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about landmine exercises, including what they are, their benefits, muscles worked, and technique. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions for 11 of the best landmine exercises for back and upper body.

The Landmine Workout

What is a Landmine Exercise?

A landmine exercise uses a barbell anchored at one end to a landmine attachment, providing 360 degrees of rotational movement. The barbell is loaded on the free end with weight plates. You then perform exercises by holding the working end of the barbell.

Landmine attachments allow you to secure one end of an Olympic barbell so you can perform a variety of unilateral (single arm) and bilateral (both arms) exercises in different directions. It’s an extremely versatile piece of equipment for building muscle and strength.

Benefits of Landmine Exercises

Here are some of the benefits landmine exercises offer:

  • Train through full range of motion safely
  • Target smaller muscle groups unilateral training
  • Enhance core strength and stability
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Prevent muscle imbalances
  • Easy to set up and load weight plates
  • Fun and challenging workout option

What are the benefits of landmine exercises?

Landmine exercises offer numerous benefits for the upper back muscles. The dynamic nature of these exercises engages the upper back muscles in various planes of motion, helping to improve strength and stability in this area.

Using a landmine for lateral raises provides several advantages.

The angled movement and resistance create a challenging exercise that effectively targets the lateral deltoids, helping to build strength and definition in the shoulders.

The range of motion in landmine exercises allows for fluid and controlled movements that can help strengthen the back muscles.

This range of motion also helps in targeting different areas of the back, leading to a more comprehensive strengthening workout.

Best Landmine Exercises

What are the 11 best landmine exercises for the back and upper body?

Landmine reverse lunges effectively target the back and upper body by engaging the stabilizing muscles and improving overall strength. Perform this exercise by holding the barbell in a landmine attachment and stepping back into a lunge while maintaining proper posture.

Including landmine deadlift in the workout routine for back muscles offers several advantages. The movement pattern and resistance provided by the landmine create a challenging exercise that effectively targets the posterior chain and back muscles.

Landmine lateral raises are effective in strengthening the upper back and shoulders. The angled movement of the barbell engages the shoulder muscles in a unique way, helping to improve strength and definition in this area.

Here are 11 highly effective landmine exercises for back and upper body:

Landmine Meadows Row

  • Primary muscles worked: Lats, rear delts, rhomboids
  • Set up facing away from the landmine attachment, feet hip-width apart. Hinge at hips, keep back straight.
  • Grip working end of barbell with one hand, arm extended. Row barbell up, driving elbow back.
  • Lower under control. Complete reps, switch sides.

Landmine Single-Arm Floor Press

  • Primary muscles worked: Chest, front delts, triceps
  • Lie on floor perpendicular to barbell, head toward landmine. Feet planted, knees bent.
  • Grip end of barbell, arm extended directly out at shoulder level.
  • Press barbell straight up, lowering under control. Switch sides.

Landmine Shoulder Press

  • Primary muscles worked: Deltoids, upper back, triceps
  • Stand perpendicular to barbell, feet hip-width. Clean barbell to shoulder.
  • Press barbell overhead at angle up and across body. Lower under control.
  • Switch sides each set. Can alternate reps each side.

Landmine Rotations

  • Primary muscles worked: Obliques, lower back
  • Straddle barbell facing landmine anchor. Grip barbell end with both hands.
  • Rotate barbell from hips through full range of motion side to side.

Landmine Lateral Raise

  • Primary muscles worked: Lateral delts, upper back
  • Stand perpendicular to barbell. Grip end of barbell with one hand.
  • Raise barbell out and up across body. Lower under control.
  • Complete reps, switch sides.

Landmine RDL

  • Primary muscles worked: Hamstrings, glutes, lower back
  • Hinge at hips, grip barbell in front using neutral grip.
  • Lower bar towards floor by hinging at hips. Extend hips to return upright.

Landmine Sumo Squat

  • Primary muscles worked: Quads, glutes, adductors
  • Take wide stance, toes angled out. Hinge down, grip working end of barbell.
  • Descend until thighs parallel with floor. Drive through heels back to start position.

Landmine Reverse Lunge

  • Primary muscles worked: Quads, glutes, hamstrings
  • Hold barbell at chest or by your side. Step back into lunge, lowering down.
  • Drive through front heel back to start. Repeat then switch legs.

Landmine Bent-Over Row

  • Primary muscles worked: Lats, biceps, upper back
  • Hinge forward at hips, back flat. Grip working end of barbell with one hand.
  • Row barbell straight up towards abdomen. Lower under control. Switch sides.

Landmine Front Squat

  • Primary muscles worked: Quads, glutes, core, upper back
  • Clean barbell up to chest height. Descend into squat by hinging at hips and knees.
  • Drive through heels back to start position. Can add squat press.

Landmine Push Press

  • Primary muscles worked: Shoulders, triceps, upper back
  • Clean barbell to shoulder height. Dip slightly. Explosively press bar overhead.
  • Lower barbell back to shoulders under control. Repeat.

Programming Landmine Exercises

Here are some tips for programming landmine exercises into your workouts:

  • Perform 10-20 reps for muscular endurance or 6-12 reps for strength.
  • Do 2-4 sets with 1-2 minute rest between sets.
  • Focus on slow, controlled motions and full range of motion.
  • Use a weight you can lift with proper form. Increase load gradually over time.
  • Unilateral exercises call for higher rep ranges since single limbs tire faster.
  • Use landmine exercises as main lifts or accessory exercises.
  • Combine landmine exercises into complexes or supersets.

Be sure to use proper lifting technique and train within your abilities to get the most out of landmine exercises while staying safe. This versatile training tool can help you diversify your workouts and build an impressive upper body and back!

What is a Landmine?

How to perform landmine exercises for the upper body?

Proper form is crucial when performing landmine overhead press. Start with the barbell placed securely in the landmine attachment. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grip the bar with both hands, and press the bar overhead in a controlled motion.

When performing landmine row for the back muscles, remember to keep your back straight and engage the core. Pull the bar towards your chest, focusing on squeezing the back muscles at the top of the movement.

Landmine single-leg Romanian deadlifts are effective for building strength in the upper body by targeting the back and stabilizing muscles. Hold the bar with one hand and hinge at the hips, lowering the bar towards the floor while keeping your back straight and engaging the glutes and hamstrings.

What Are Landmine Rotations

How does the landmine workout benefit the lower back muscles?

The meadows row exercise, when performed using a landmine, offers several advantages for the lower back. The rotational movement and resistance provided by the landmine effectively engage the lower back muscles, resulting in improved strength and stability in this area.

The end of the barbell landmine exercise targets the lower back effectively by engaging the stabilizing muscles and improving overall strength. This exercise involves holding the bar at the end of the barbell and performing rows or other movements to engage the lower back muscles.

Incorporating the landmine press into your workout routine can help build strength in the lower back. This exercise involves pressing the barbell attached to the landmine in a controlled motion, engaging the lower back muscles as stabilizers.

Full Body Landmine Workout

What are the key tips for landmine training to strengthen the back and upper body?

Proper form and technique are essential when performing landmine shoulder exercises. Ensure that your movements are controlled and deliberate, focusing on engaging the targeted muscles throughout the range of motion.

The landmine station plays a significant role in strengthening the back and upper body. Its dynamic nature and unique range of motion provide a challenging and effective workout for these muscle groups.

Including the landmine exercise in a barbell back workout routine offers several benefits. The combination of stability and resistance provided by the landmine creates a comprehensive workout that targets the back and upper body muscles effectively.

FAQ Section for Best Landmine Exercises For Back & Upper Body

How do Landmine Exercises Benefit the Upper Back?

Landmine exercises provide dynamic engagement for the upper back muscles across various planes of motion, enhancing strength, stability, and helping prevent muscle imbalances. They also allow for unilateral training, targeting smaller muscle groups and improving core strength and balance.

How Does the Landmine Workout Benefit the Lower Back Muscles?

The meadows row and other landmine exercises like the end of the barbell landmine exercise target and engage the lower back muscles effectively, improving strength and stability in this area through rotational movement and resistance.

What are the Key Tips for Landmine Training to Strengthen the Back and Upper Body?

Focus on proper form and technique, ensuring controlled movements and deliberate engagement of targeted muscles. Utilize the unique range of motion provided by the landmine station to challenge and effectively work the back and upper body muscles.

How do Landmine Deadlifts Strengthen the Back?

Landmine deadlifts engage the posterior chain and back muscles through a unique movement pattern and resistance, offering a comprehensive workout that effectively targets these areas.

What Role Does the Landmine Station Play in Upper Body Strengthening?

The landmine station provides a dynamic and versatile platform for upper body strengthening, enabling a wide range of exercises that target the back and upper body muscles effectively through stability and resistance.

How to Incorporate Landmine Exercises into a Barbell Back Workout?

Incorporate exercises like the landmine row, landmine deadlift, and landmine press to target the back muscles effectively. These exercises provide stability, resistance, and a comprehensive workout, enhancing strength and muscle development in the back and upper body.

Landmine RDL

My Adventures with the Landmine: A Back-Building Saga

Embarking on a journey to fortify my back and upper body, I discovered the landmine—a piece of equipment that sounded more like an explosive device than a workout buddy.

But oh, how it has revolutionized my training regime! Here’s a tale of grit, growth, and gains, featuring the landmine and its arsenal of exercises that sculpted my back, lats, and even threw some love at my upper chest.


Ah, the deadlift, a quintessential move feared and revered by gym-goers. But when you introduce a landmine into the equation, the narrative changes. The landmine deadlift became my go-to for building a resilient back with less stress on the lower back.

Gripping the end of the landmine bar, I could feel the power in my posterior chain as I lifted from the start back to standing. This variation was a game-changer, allowing me to maintain perfect body position while activating my core and upper back muscles.

Overhead Press

The landmine overhead press—where you literally press overhead but at an angle—turned out to be a fantastic exercise for building my upper chest and shoulders.

Starting with my feet planted firmly on the ground, gripping the bar at the end, and pressing upwards, this movement was not just about brute strength. It was a core exercise, a balance challenge, and a lesson in coordination.

The unique path of the landmine ensured my upper back and lats were engaged, making every rep a full-body experience.

Landmine Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Talk about a balancing act! The landmine single-leg Romanian deadlift brought a new level of complexity to my workouts. Performing this exercise with one leg meant doubling down on core stability and unilateral strength.

The focus was on the hinge at the hips, keeping the landmine bar close, and engaging the muscles at the back of my leg and my lower back. This exercise wasn't just a workout; it was a test of focus, balance, and control, proving that exercises for building strength can also enhance coordination and stability.

Single Leg Landmine RDLs

Landmine Deadlift

Returning to the landmine deadlift, I found it to be a cornerstone for my back exercises. It’s a great exercise not just for its effectiveness but for its simplicity and the safety it offers. By standing over the landmine and gripping the bar with both hands, I could engage in a squatting motion that felt more natural and less taxing on my back. This version of the deadlift was a revelation, teaching me that sometimes, the best exercises are those that respect your body’s natural mechanics.

Throughout this journey, the landmine has been more than just a tool; it's been my trainer, challenger, and rehabilitator. From the explosive power of the single-arm landmine press to the stabilizing force of the landmine squats, each exercise added a new chapter to my fitness story. The landmine twist and landmine fly became staples in my routine, proving that with the right equipment and a bit of creativity, you can transform your workout and your physique.

Diving into the world of landmine exercises to build a stronger back and upper body has taught me the importance of versatility, form, and balance in my workouts. Whether it was mastering the landmine single leg romanian deadlift for targeted strength or appreciating the full-body engagement of the landmine with your feet planted during squats, every session was a step towards a stronger, more balanced self. And let's not forget the landmine hack squat—a testament to the versatility of this fabulous piece of equipment. It's not just about lifting; it's about moving with purpose.

In the end, the landmine proved to be an invaluable ally in my quest for fitness. It taught me that sometimes, the best way to move forward is to plant your feet, grip the bar (or life) firmly, and push upwards with all your might. So, here's to the landmine—with the end of the bar as my starting point, every lift, press, and squat was a step back to the start of a stronger, more resilient me.

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