The Ultimate 20-Minute Beginner Workout At Home Without Equipment

The Ultimate 20-Minute Beginner Workout At Home Without Equipment

Nov 11, 2023

The Ultimate 20-Minute Beginner Workout At Home Without Equipment

Are you looking to start working out but need help knowing where to begin? This 20-minute beginner strength training workout at home without any equipment is perfect!

This simple workout plan for beginners will help you build muscle and get in shape fast using just your body weight. We'll cover the best bodyweight exercises to include and walk you through an entire 20-minute beginner home workout routine.

No gym membership or equipment is required!

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Why You Should Do This Beginner Workout At Home

There are so many benefits to starting a beginner workout routine at home:

  • It's free - no expensive gym membership or equipment required
  • Total convenience - workout anytime in the comfort of your home
  • Quick and effective - see results in just 20 minutes a day
  • Learn proper form - master new exercises with no experience needed
  • Builds muscle and burns fat - combine cardio and strength training
  • Boosts consistency - no excuses, get it done!

So, if you want a simple workout plan to get in shape fast, this beginner home workout is perfect. Let's get into the exercises!

When starting a new exercise routine, beginning with an at-home workout is a great option if you're a complete beginner. Exercising at home allows flexibility to work out on your own schedule and fitness level.

While you won't have a personal trainer guiding you, there are still ways to learn proper form and technique. Watching workout videos can be hugely helpful to understand how to correctly perform exercises before trying them yourself at home.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners

When you're first starting strength training, bodyweight exercises are the way to go. They allow you to build muscle and improve fitness using your body as resistance. Here are some of the best:

Push Ups

Pushups work your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. Do as many reps as you can with proper form. Modify on your knees if needed. Place your hands shoulder-width apart, keep your elbows close, and lower your body toward the floor in a controlled manner. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and push back up to the starting position. If you find the standard push-up challenging, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor to modify the movement.

leg straight assume a high plank position elbows to flare bend at the elbows repeat with the opposite arm also help you learn parallel to the floor


Squats target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core. Sit back into your heels, push your knees out, and keep your chest up. When starting a new exercise routine, it's essential to understand the range of motion required for each new exercise. For squats, you begin in a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, then bend at the knees and hips as if you're sitting back in a chair. Aim to get hips parallel to knees.

glutes elevate your feet hold a pair of dumbbells keep your hips body forms a straight line best home lift your feet help you get in shape elbows to lower flat on the ground keeping your core left


Lunges sculpt your legs and glutes while working for balance and stability. Step forward, bend both knees to 90 degrees, and push back up.

you’re a beginner you’re in the right simple beginner leg straight brace your core squeeze your glutes


Planks fire up your core and entire body. Hold a straight line from head to toe, engaging your abs and glutes. To do a proper plank, lie flat on the floor in the plank position with your elbows directly under your shoulders. Keep your back straight, core engaged, and legs extended behind you. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds at a time, working up to longer holds. This isometric exercise effectively works all muscle groups, especially your lower body and abs. Other important beginner exercises like pushups and squats also require attention to form. Focus on keeping your body in proper alignment and range of motion when first starting out.

Sit Ups

Sit-ups hit your abs, core, and hip flexors. Incorporate an ab workout by lying back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Engage your core and lift your shoulders off the ground, keeping your hands behind your head. Remember to not pull on your neck; keep your gaze upward and perform the movement using your abdominal muscles.

Shoulder Taps

Shoulder taps work your core and your shoulders. Start in a pushup position and tap the opposite shoulder with one hand. Alternate sides with each rep.

The 20-Minute Beginner Workout Routine

Let’s begin with a 20-minute full-body workout, which targets multiple muscle groups and increases your fitness level without overwhelming you. First, find a space where you can exercise at home, ensuring there’s enough room for you to lie on your back and move freely. This beginner workout at home is designed to be done without equipment, using just your body weight to provide resistance.

lower body

best home

Warm Up

Starting with a warm-up, we will engage in bodyweight exercises like plank position and squats to prepare your body. From the standing position, go into a squat and then return to the starting position. For those looking to target their glutes, resistance band exercises can be a great addition; however, for our workout at home without equipment, we'll focus on moves that require no additional gear.

  • Jog in place for 1 minute.

  • Jumping jacks 1 minute

  • Arm circles 30 seconds

  • Sidekicks 10 reps each leg.


Do 8-10 reps of each exercise, 1 minute rest between:

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Sit-ups
  • Plank hold 30 seconds
  • Shoulder Taps

Repeat the circuit 2-3 times.


  • Child's pose 1 minute.

child's pose

  • Stretch hips & hamstrings for 1 minute each.

hamstring stretch

That's it! A full-body workout you can do in just 20 minutes a day. Start slow and focus on proper form. Modify exercises as needed. This beginner home workout will help you build muscle, burn fat, and get fit fast without any equipment needed.

Beginner Workout Tips to Remember

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind as a workout beginner:

  • Start with low reps and lighter exercises, even just bodyweight
  • Focus on proper form - quality over quantity
  • Engage your core in every exercise
  • Moderate intensity - you should be breathing heavily but able to carry on a conversation
  • Listen to your body - take breaks as needed
  • Stay hydrated - drink water before, during, and after
  • Don't skip the warm-up or cool down
  • Be patient and consistent - Rome wasn't built in a day!

Bonus: Download the Free Beginner Workout Plan PDF

Want an entire beginner workout routine in an easy-to-print PDF? Download it here to take it anywhere and work it out at home or on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a beginner work out?

Aim for 2-3 strength training sessions per week as a beginner. Take rest days for your muscles to recover and get stronger.

How much weight should I use?

As a beginner, focus on body weight and lighter dumbbells until you build a base level of strength. Increase weight slowly over time.

Will this workout build muscle without weights?

Yes! Bodyweight exercises with proper progressive overload will help beginners build lean muscle mass when combined with proper nutrition.

What if I can't do some exercises like pushups?

Modify exercises on your knees or against the wall if needed. Do an easier variation until you build strength.

Home workout for beginners

So there you have it - a simple, efficient, whole-body beginner workout you can do in just 20 minutes a day from home! No experience or equipment is required. Try this workout routine to start your strength training journey the right way.

Here's some more reminders to get the most out of your at-home workout:

Strength training workout challenge for beginners

Don't be afraid to modify exercises to fit your current fitness level. Bend your elbows to do pushups on your knees, keep your feet flat and bend your elbows to reduce the range of motion in a squat, or place your knees on the floor in plank position.

Use resistance bands to assist with movements you find challenging.

The key is to start simple as a beginner and progressively increase the difficulty by lowering your knees, straightening your legs, and building the number of reps over time.

home workout woman

Stick with body weight until you master proper form

When participating in workout routines for beginners at home, focus on full-body functional movements that use multiple muscle groups. Compound exercises like squats, lunges, pushups and planks are great beginner options. Don't worry about speed or heavy weight at first.

Nail down proper form through bodyweight so you have a solid foundation before considering a workout challenge for beginners involving added resistance. Be patient, listen to your body, and focus on consistency in your first few weeks of working out at home.

woman stretching home workout

A workout video may help you keep form

A step-by-step guide from a personal trainer or a workout video can be invaluable in ensuring you’re executing each move correctly and safely. However, if you prefer working out alone, remember to start with a lower number of reps and focus on maintaining a straight line in movements like planks and push-ups.

woman doing home workout

Gradually increasing intensity for your workout programs

For those ready to take their workout to the next level, holding a dumbbell in each hand (if available) during exercises like lunges and squats can increase resistance and intensity. And as you progress, you can try to move your hips side to side towards the floor during planks, which is an excellent way to build strength and stability.

If you're looking to add resistance training into your fitness routine, simple items like a resistance band can be a game-changer, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises like band pull-aparts or bicep curls. Keep your neck relaxed and your movements controlled to maximize the effectiveness of these exercises.

And finally, to get your heart rate up and help you build endurance, finish with some high-energy movements like jumping jacks or burpees. These workout routines for beginners can help you build a foundation of fitness, burn calories, and improve your overall health.

So, if you're a complete beginner looking to get started strength training, remember that consistency is key, and embracing these at-home workouts will help you build a habit that sticks.

Keep your goals in sight, and with each workout, you’ll find yourself stronger and more confident.